Auditions for singers

The International Festival Chorus holds regular auditions for all voice parts. We are always keen to hear from experienced choral singers based in Beijing.

When you apply to join IFC, we will arrange an audition date and time when you will meet members of the artistic and operations leadership team of the choir. The IFC audition is very much a two-way communication. We want to find out about you, your voice and your vocal experience. We also hope you’ll get to know us and find out whether this is the Chorus for you.┬áTo learn more about how we work, please read about the festival rehearsal format.

At the audition, we will ask you to sing a short prepared piece that demonstrates your vocal ability and musicality (we will provide an accompanist if needed). This piece need not be difficult, we just want to hear the quality of sound you make. We also ask everyone to do some ear tests and some sight singing.

We try and let people know whether they’ve been successful in auditions within 48 hours. If your audition is successful but there are no vacancies in your voice part, you will be placed on a waiting list. Should a vacancy arise, the person who is most suited vocally will be contacted and offered a place.

If you would like to schedule an audition or would like more information about the process, please email us at and tell us your voice type and details of your vocal experience.