What IFC Members Have to Say

“The best voices with the best director I have yet encountered. I like the commitment of members to the whole artistic venture as well as the enjoyment of singing.” (Peter Payne, UK)

“I’ve really loved making beautiful music with such a terrific, fun bunch of musicians. Music truly is an international language and it’s been a highlight of my time here in China.” (Jennifer Werner, USA)

“I joined IFC last year in August and I have tremendously enjoyed being a part of it. It is such a rare gift to be able to sing with so many talented singers, who come from such diverse backgrounds; not only geographic,but also socioeconomic and in age span. When else could I, as a foreigner, have the opportunity to sing “Muolihua”, for example, in Chinese and in China,with talented singers from all over the world?” (Carrie Meyers, USA)

“I have been particularly impressed by the professionalism of the group in terms of the excellent design of the program, efficient and effective rehearsal coaching by the conductor and high standard of the collective re-creation of some of the best choral music in western music history. The Asia premier performance of the 40-part a Capella motet, Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis was a “once-in-lifetime” experience for me. With a diverse background and varied musical experiences, each individual member is interesting to meet with and talk to. I enjoy the time we sing together and I am proud of being able to contribute my part to enrich the local musical scene and exchange with some of the best artistic talents during each practice and performance.” (Johnny Au, Hong Kong)

“For China, the existence of IFC gives many more people the opportunity to understand something of Western musical culture. Its goal is merely to bring music – – without any political trappings – to people of China. Because IFC members come from all over the world, it is a place where cultures can merge and come together. There are men, women, old, young, people of all status and walks of life. When we meet at the party after a concert, with friends and wine and songs, isn’t that the next best thing to heaven?” (Xu Xueming, China)

“I’ve never had a better musical experience, and I’m a musician. To be able to sing with such a supportive, sociable group who just happen to have fabulous voices is a wonderful experience.” (Jesse Weiner, USA)

“I have sung in choirs most of my life: school, university, church and office. My tastes are broad, from Palestrina to barbershop. I joined the IFC in spring 2003. My 16-year old daughter joined the IFC performing the Tallis 40-part Motet last autumn as part of the Beijing International School Honor Choir and I was proud as a parent and envious to take part myself.” (Graham Smith, UK)

“From the first concert the excitement of forming something new was upon us and the quality of the music was high. Other concerts, small and large have come to pass, with the same high quality and spirit of good fellowship. Mahler, Stravinsky, Faure, and madrigals have all been sung in lovely Beijing venues for appreciative audiences. I was a professional singer/actor a lifetime ago and enjoy using those gifts and skills again. My husband, Bill, is an instrumentalist, once a professional classical clarinetist and saxophonist. Joining the IFC has strengthened the connection we have together as former musicians and brought the joy of performing music back into our lives. I like that the group is diverse in nationality, language, age, gender, race, and profession, but serious about music.” (Rebecca Chalk Krueger, USA)